Connected Diagrams

Connected Diagrams

Welcome to - Your Solution for Seamless Technical Architecture Diagrams

Do you have multiple teams within your organization, each creating their own architecture or control flow diagrams in isolation? Do you need to have insight into how these systems connect? is here to bridge the gap and provide a holistic solution to your diagramming needs.

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For Managers

  • Streamline the diagram creation process across numerous teams working independently on architecture and control flow diagrams.
  • Ensure seamless integration of these diagrams to eliminate disconnected information.
  • Tagging diagrams provides an efficient cross-referencing system, simplifying the process of locating specific diagrams.
  • Ability to derive a holistic view of how all systems fit together, providing the much-needed “big picture” perspective.

For Architects/Designers

  • Allows the creation of professional-looking diagrams effortlessly.
  • Continue building your diagrams independently.
  • You have the ability to streamline the diagram creation process and eliminate the need for manual integration.
  • Add remote links to other diagrams without the need to identify them during creation, allowing you to stay focused on your workflow. Go back and fix links later.
  • Gain insights into who is connecting to your systems; new connections automatically appear on your diagram.
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Our Feature List Includes

  • Rapidly create beautiful diagrams with ease.
  • Support for all standard diagramming features, with continuous additions.
  • (alpha) Utilize predefined visual styles to convey meaning for nodes or links, or define your own custom styles.
  • Easily indicate that certain nodes represent other diagrams without specifying which one.
  • Seamlessly traverse interconnected diagrams throughout your company’s architecture from any starting point.
  • Harness automatic discovery to construct helicopter view diagrams depicting how your architecture pieces fit together.
  • Effortlessly decompose complex diagrams into sub-diagrams. Split diagrams into multiple parts as you wish.

Try today and transform the way you visualize, create, and connect your technical architecture diagrams. Unlock the power of seamless integration and comprehensive insight into your organization’s architecture landscape. Start creating better diagrams now!

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